Reading and food

I spent most of the weekend reading and eating, often at the same time.  Friday night I went to Delhi Palace and gorged myself on a vegetarian dinner, then read Amber and Iron, the second book in the DragonLance Dark Disciple trilogy.  Saturday I ate fruit and leftovers while reading the rest of Amber and Iron, then went to dinner at Chipotle and gorged myself on the entire burrito bol when I had planned to bring half home.  I started reading You’re Not You by Michelle Wildgen.

Today I went to U.S. Egg for lunch and gorged myself on a breakfast sandwich, then ate lots of fruit in the afternoon while continuing You’re Not You.

I read The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion earlier in the week, probably while eating.  Tomorrow I will start a book that certainly falls in the chick lit category: the latest novel from Candace Bushnell, originator of “Sex & the City”, called Lipstick Jungle.

I finished piecing together a smaller quilt tonight and I am disappointed in the way the border brings it together.  It’s a lighter color than I was hoping for.  It’s alright, I suppose, just not as vibrant as hoped and paler in the living room than it seemed in the store.

In two days it is August and I get to choose fabrics for the baby quilt!  (I decided not to start it until August.)  The parents are sending me a material they would like incorporated, so I suppose I should wait for that to arrive before racing off to the store to spend an hour immersed in fabric.

July 29, 2007. Words.

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