Elliptical machine!

I up and bought an elliptical machine tonight at SportsAuthority.  $379 after tax and sale.  There’s no reading ledge, which can easily be fixed with cardboard and duct tape if needed.  I haven’t really used it seriously yet.  Hopefully it’s amazing and I will exercise on it faithfully every day and become fit and healthy and slender and toned.  All with one little machine!  A dollar a day keeps the fatty away?  Sign me up, I’m on board!

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So many tiny little pieces of fabric…

I started cutting material tonight to make a tester block, and I was perturbed to see how small the pieces are.  Tiny pieces for a tiny human-grub.  I don’t understand how real quilters have the patience to make a huge king-size bed quilt out of so many itty-bitty slips of fabric.  I’m not even making a nutso design with 50 pieces per block.  Wait… there are 48 pieces in the block.  OMG.  I immediately regret this decision.

If the first tester block turns out like a 7th grade Personal & Family Life Sciences project (PFLS, pronounced piffles) I can always change things up with the remaining material.  I haven’t fully committed yet.

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Baby quilt fabric!

I finally bought the material for the baby quilt. I was in the calico fabric section for over an hour and I am excited about the colors and patterns I ended up choosing. And fabrics were 40% off starting today! I had stopped in for a few minutes yesterday before going to a movie, and my frugal side is pleased I didn’t buy anything then.

It is a green and blue color scheme, and it is going to be awesome. And done by Thanksgiving, in case the baby comes early. I won’t be posting pictures of the progress because the mother-to-be said she trusts my judgment and skill and this way it can be a surprise when they can unwrap my gift to them.

When I was at the Joann Etc I also decided on the colors for my next quilt: purple and dark red with a shot of marigold. And after that, maybe a black and white one…  Or the Kid Icarus quilt, if he gets around to designing it and buying the fabrics.

Soon I will have so many pieces of extra fabric that I will need to create a real filing system to store everything, in rainbow order of course, enough so that I can say, “I’m going to make a quilt this month, let’s see what I can pull together just from the materials I already own…”

Right now the fabrics are in the wash, and tomorrow night I can begin the first tester block.

I’ve been making quilts since January – eight months later I’m still doing it, which I think means it’s a real hobby and not just my latest fad.  They’re pretty, useful, and creative, and make thoughtful gifts.

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John 3:16

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

The Forever 21 bag says John 3:16 on it twice, hidden on the bottom side where customers won’t see it unless they’re looking  and yet they will find themselves unconsciously seeking god.  Weird.

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New Clothes

I went to the mall this evening to buy boldly colored, jewel-tone blouses to wear to work.  I walked away with black pants, a black and white polka dot blouse, and a green short-sleeve jacket, all for $53.  Not exactly following the plan, and still satisfactory.  Tomorrow I’m probably going to wear the new blouse with my new denim pencil skirt from Goodwill and my officey black pumps, and I will feel very adult and professional.  Before it’s even lunch I will regret my decision not to wear sneakers and socks on the one day of the week we’re allowed to.

In other purchasing news, I have decided to buy myself an elliptical machine so I can work out from the convenience of my own home.  I will cancel my gym membership at that time.  I’m not sure where to start looking for a suitable machine.  I bet the internet can help me.

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Lazy… or resourceful?

We ran out of shampoo several days ago.  This includes all the small bottles of hotel souvenir shampoo brought back from trips.  I have taken to washing my hair with body wash.  Old Spice mannish body wash.  It seems to do the trick, in that my head doesn’t smell bad and it doesn’t shine with grease.

My library books are due tomorrow and I even brought them with me to work, intending to go to the library directly from the office.  Instead, I came home and renewed them online so I have another three weeks.  Thank you, internet!

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You know it’s a good board game party when…

Somebody called the cops on our party Saturday night. I answered the knocking at the door – which I could easily hear, mind you, and answered promptly – and found a uniformed police officer. He asked if I was aware of the city’s noise ordinance, I said no, he briefly explained it and mentioned that the city is “cracking down”, then I went back inside to get ID so he could fill out the little warning form. According to statute, if there is another call to my residence within 90 days I could be charged up to a $1000 fine to pay the civil services fee.

The policeman seemed slightly sheepish about the process. He said that this isn’t really the kind of the party they usually get called about – for one thing, he pointed out that it was still early. As he was filling out the form he radioed dispatch to the get the time of the complaint: 22:27. That is correct, only 10:27 p.m., on a Saturday night. He said that the policy goes into effect at 10 o’clock but most people who call to complain don’t do it until much later than that on weekends.

It also wasn’t particularly loud. Music was playing but not blasting, nobody was dancing or jumping around to pound on the floor or shake the walls. The birthday boy was standing with me listening for awhile, then went in to ask people to quiet down. One guest responded, “Are you serious? How are we supposed to be more quiet playing board games?” I closed the door behind me and stepped fully onto the landing. I asked the cop for some kind of guideline about noise level, some idea of whether or not the new shushed volume was still going to be a problem. He shrugged slightly and said, “I really can’t answer that. It’s subjective.”

“I just need some kind of baseline. When you were walking up to the building, could you hear us?” I persisted. (I hadn’t had anything to drink, in case you’re picturing me being drunkenly belligerent.)

“No, I couldn’t hear anything from outside. But the point is that within the building sound can travel more and somebody complained, and while we all want to have people over, do it earlier in the day. And while this really isn’t the normal party we get called to break up, I do have to give you an official warning and any future calls to your residence within 90 days could result in a fine up to and including $1000. Now sign here, it just says that I gave you a copy of it. Do you have any questions?”

“No, I understand, thank you,” I said.

“Have a good rest of the night,” he said as he left.

I went back inside to face the guests wondering what was going on, and a few angry, frustrated tears leaked out as I fluttered my official warning in the air. They said bitter things about whoever it was who called the cops, likely the people who had just moved into the apartment below me that same day. (I wasn’t sure they had even moved in enough to spend the night, but someone said they saw them watching tv.) What a great way to start a neighborly relationship. Their large dog barks frequently. Maybe I should complain.

We moved the party next door to my brother’s apartment so that if they called the police again it wouldn’t be the same responsible party.

My own birthday is in that 90 day/$1000 window so I guess if I have a party it won’t be at my place…

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Easy Friday night

Last night ZoeJane came over and we watched “Bridge to Terabithia” and then hung out while I worked on sewing a purse and she did some Spanish homework. I hadn’t read the book in maybe 15 years and I couldn’t remember more than this: There are these kids, right, and one of them dies? Maybe falls into a river and drowns? And there’s a rope swing? Maybe some running in there somewhere? Yeah?

About 20 minutes into the movie the two main characters come across a rope swing across a little stream. I said, “Ah ha! I was right!”

Today I went out to the pool and called a college friend and we chatted for awhile. It was good to catch up with her.

Now I will do laundry, work on my purse, put away the sewing stuff piled everywhere, clean the apartment, rearrange the furniture to make it more party-ready, do more laundry, go to the store to buy party food and beverages, bathe the dog and myself…

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Wine snobbery, here I come

I have decided to cultivate an affected enjoyment and appreciation of wine, as I believe I have mentioned. I drank a glass of a chardonnay ($4 on sale from $7) and Yellowtail riesling ($7 down from $12). They were both rather unpleasant, although perhaps that is the nature of wine, or at least un-researched wine that is cheap at Albertsons. My guests attempted to mix the two into their own “charsling” varietal as the evening progressed, which apparently made them worse than the sum of their parts. Add a little fancypants orange juice and it became passable, like a mimosa gone flat. I would imagine, anyway, I didn’t try it myself.

I have a wine buzz going and the joy of social interaction. I will be sad after sleeping less than 7 hours – that’s the sacrifice I make for friendship. (Note: that is less time than 7 hours’ worth – if I were referring to the hours themselves it would be fewer.)

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Shopping trip!

I went to Goodwill this evening. I bought two fuzzy blankets for the dog, a stretchy denim pencil skirt, and a wine glass that says Wells Fargo, all for $14. I was going to buy 8 varied non-Wells Fargo wine glasses to make a mismatched set, perfect for any and all of one’s varied wine needs, and instead I was persuaded to go to Ikea on Wednesday and a buy a fresh matching set for roughly the same price. I like the idea of an eclectic set, and yet it seemed important to him to buy new ones so I said ok. I haven’t been to Ikea in awhile. I could fantasy-shop for the furniture I would put in my house when I get a house instead of apartment. A queen — or king! — bed, a table for my sewing machine, a filing cabinet…

And wine glasses. I am a young urban professional and I need to display this to others, show them that we are of the same clan.

On an unrelated note, a box that happened to be in the living room perfectly fit a package I’m sending, like the two came together. It makes me feel good.

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