The honorable thing to do

I went to the grocery store to buy lots of fruit (black grapes, green grapes, cherries, nectarines, peaches, and cherries), and toilet bowl cleaner (Clorox, Kaboom BowlBlaster).  I also had some air freshener in the cart.  When I got to my car I unloaded the bags and saw the air freshener, alone in the corner, having been secreted out of the store without paying.

“Ohhhh…” I said aloud, disappointed in myself.  I looked at the store, and the car, and the store, and the air freshener.  I sighed a big melodramatic sigh and trudged back in to pay for it.  $1.62.  I hope you’re happy now, Albertsons.

August 4, 2007. Words.


  1. ZoeJane replied:

    mmmmmm! Cherries and Kaboom BowlBlaster!

    At least you can enjoy your clean air with a good conscience now.

  2. mom replied:

    Let’s hear it for morality 🙂
    I did the same thing with a gal. of milk at Econo, had to carry it back in and out of the store in order to pay for it.
    Way to go.
    Cheers from the universe.

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