Cauliflower is back!

I went to the grocery store after the gym, thinking I would buy more fruit.  (I have eaten everything I bought last Friday.)  Turns out I was hungry and easily swayed by their sneaky marketing techniques and special sales and spent $70.  Lots of fruit, yogurt, whole-grain cereals, skim milk, “healthy-ish” frozen dinners, vegetables.  Two women behind me in line put their purchases on the conveyor belt and did not use the plastic divider.  The clerk reached for the next item, looked at the 2-pound bag of peanut M&Ms and past it to the soda and chips, and said, “This is the divider, right?”  I like to think it’s because he noticed the difference between my choices and theirs, and really it’s probably because there was a gap where they would have put the plastic bar.

For two months I have been faithfully checking the frozen vegetable section and there has been no cauliflower.  It is the tastiest frozen vegetable and has a better texture than frozen broccoli or beans.  And then today, cauliflower!  It has returned!  Fantastic.

On a side note, I did not purchase another can of sweetened condensed milk “in case I need it for baking”, because in reality I would just eat it straight.  Like I did to the can I opened on Friday or Saturday.  I’m licking the last of it off a fork now.  1300 calories, 30 grams of fat, and 220 grams of sugar.

August 7, 2007. Words.

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