Cookies are the new black

I’m in a cookie-baking trend right now. Tonight I made my 5th batch in 1 1/2 weeks, white chocolate chip. I used a regular chocolate chip recipe with white instead of semi-sweet, plus I threw in some coconut. They’re extremely sweet, and the next time I make them I will use half the amount of white chocolate chips, which are too candy-like to use in the same quantities as regular semi-sweet chips.

The Valley had a new heat record today: 114 degrees record at the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. It is very hot. It’s still 100 degrees and it’s coming on 11 o’clock.  Only stupid people live here during the summer. I am an idiot.

Last night I cajoled my gentleman caller into going down to the pool with me after seeing “The Bourne Ultimatum”. (A misnomer — if there was an ultimatum, I didn’t catch it.) It was about midnight and the water was smooth and dark and refreshing. After a few minutes of having him carry me around in the deepest sections of the pool in a manly fashion (5 feet deep and my breathing holes would be submerged), we settled on the pool steps to watch the sky for shooting stars. Thank you, Perseids meteor shower.

Now another weekend is through and it’s back to work tomorrow, in a new green v-neck short-sleeve sweater I bought at Old Navy before the movie.

August 12, 2007. Words.


  1. ZoeJane replied:

    I somehow completely forgot about the meteor shower by the time 10-12 came around… I got stuck reading my ‘Glamour’ magazine while doing their suggested yoga-stretchy poses.

  2. Whatever I want to replied:

    That was a fun evening. Pools need pillows.

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