Shopping trip!

I went to Goodwill this evening. I bought two fuzzy blankets for the dog, a stretchy denim pencil skirt, and a wine glass that says Wells Fargo, all for $14. I was going to buy 8 varied non-Wells Fargo wine glasses to make a mismatched set, perfect for any and all of one’s varied wine needs, and instead I was persuaded to go to Ikea on Wednesday and a buy a fresh matching set for roughly the same price. I like the idea of an eclectic set, and yet it seemed important to him to buy new ones so I said ok. I haven’t been to Ikea in awhile. I could fantasy-shop for the furniture I would put in my house when I get a house instead of apartment. A queen — or king! — bed, a table for my sewing machine, a filing cabinet…

And wine glasses. I am a young urban professional and I need to display this to others, show them that we are of the same clan.

On an unrelated note, a box that happened to be in the living room perfectly fit a package I’m sending, like the two came together. It makes me feel good.

August 13, 2007. Words.


  1. mom replied:

    My handyman who has but one small S trap to vent to qualify me for the rental license (after I install a lot more smoke alarms), is also going to cut a hole in grandma’s vanity dresser, for the sewing machine, to make a really nice sewing table. I cringe tho if future sewing machines won’t fit the hole correctly, as it is such a nice piece of furniture. But that’s how it is most useful to me.

    Eclectic is very fun, but nice you did the 50/50 thing for a nice conventional new set for your man.

  2. ZoeJane replied:

    Ikea has some nice ones… and of course it’s always fun to walk around there! You should also pick up a package of Swedish cookies (the ones with red in the middle are really good) – they’re awesome!

  3. admin replied:

    Why buy cookies when I’m currently baking several batches a week? Tonight: “Chocolate Crinkles”.

  4. admin replied:

    UPDATE: Chocolate Crinkles didn’t work so well. They stubbornly clung to the cookie sheet and fell apart completely upon attempted removal. They became the kind of thing you would sprinkle over ice cream. Somebody is eating them out of a bowl as I type, so not a total failure.

  5. ZoeJane replied:

    Cookie crumbs still taste good. 🙂 You’re right – I didn’t think about potential over-dose of cookies. Hmm. They have great cream puffs!

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