Wine snobbery, here I come

I have decided to cultivate an affected enjoyment and appreciation of wine, as I believe I have mentioned. I drank a glass of a chardonnay ($4 on sale from $7) and Yellowtail riesling ($7 down from $12). They were both rather unpleasant, although perhaps that is the nature of wine, or at least un-researched wine that is cheap at Albertsons. My guests attempted to mix the two into their own “charsling” varietal as the evening progressed, which apparently made them worse than the sum of their parts. Add a little fancypants orange juice and it became passable, like a mimosa gone flat. I would imagine, anyway, I didn’t try it myself.

I have a wine buzz going and the joy of social interaction. I will be sad after sleeping less than 7 hours – that’s the sacrifice I make for friendship. (Note: that is less time than 7 hours’ worth – if I were referring to the hours themselves it would be fewer.)

August 17, 2007. Words.


  1. mom replied:

    I would go for the orange juice buzz and delight of pure flavor that doesn’t disgust before it is doctored, myself.
    Yeah, that’s not much sleep altho I’d be grateful to have had anything over 5.5 last night.

    That’s why I adored the noon organ concert series in my town the last few weeks. I like those daytime activities (with friends).

    Well, hope the day goes ok on less sleep.

  2. Sandy replied:

    See – Your education at a fine liberal arts college (Middlebury) has again paid off!!! Less vs fewer – a problem with most English-speaking folks – has that sense of finesse that has gone the way of the Dodo, like many birds have. (sic)

  3. ZoeJane replied:

    Wine is great once you get the taste for it. Although I’ve heard the more expensive stuff is a lot smoother, I generally stick withing the $10-$15 range and am happy there.

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