Somebody’s gotta get this

So here’s this amazing joke that I think is frickin’ hilarious.  I told it to some friends who were around Saturday night and nobody got it, and then when I explained, nobody laughed.  Anybody in my readership get it?  Eh?

Q.  What did 50 Cent say when Eminem made him an afghan for his birthday?
A.  “Gee, you knit?”

Say it out loud, see if that helps…

September 11, 2007. Words.


  1. ZoeJane replied:

    G-unit? I don’t really get it either… sorry. 😦

    how are the cookies?!

  2. Michael Terry replied:

    Well, it’s funny because it’s a pun. Oops, no, puns are never funny by themselves. It’s funny because 50 Cent says G-Unit! when he’s all excited, and the idea of a crack dealer who’s survived 11 slugs to the chest shouting “G-UUUUNIT” cos he got an afghan makes me LOL. Maybe that’s just me.

  3. admin replied:

    That’s more like it. When I first heard it I thought the joke was that 50’s response to anything is “G-Unit!”. I needed somebody to explain that it was about knitting. Part of the problem was in the delivery — the guy said quilt instead of afghan, and I actually make quilts and was picturing the process and there’s no knitting involved.

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