Hooray for Northfield, Minn.!

In case you haven’t heard, Brad Pitt’s latest movie is coming out shortly: “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford”. I wondered how far after the Defeat of Jesse James it will take place, and hoped that maybe it would even have a part in it about how his gang’s robbery of the Northfield bank didn’t go quite as planned and how several key members were killed and whatnot. If only — they could have filmed in my hometown and Brad Pitt would have been there and it would have been the most exciting thing to happen in the town since, I don’t know, since some cows got loose and wandered down Division Street or something.

CNN.com has my answer: “But Andrew Dominik’s elegiac, rueful — even funereal — film of Ron Hansen’s novel, ‘The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford,’ begins late in his career, after the disastrous Northfield, Minnesota, raid and the disintegration of the original James-Younger gang.”. I feel a little bit famous, as if my hometown listed on cnn.com is like a mention of me.

The movie review

A movie from 1972 about the raid

Defeat of Jesse James Days information for those of you not familiar with Northfield’s claim to fame

I recommend clicking on that last link even if you ignore the others. The men in the picture at top are probably just the participants in some recent year’s reenactment, and I think some of them are looking a little too happy, like that guy in the middle. What is he smiling about? Robbing banks and shooting people is serious business. So is historical reenactment. Get that smirk off your face!

September 22, 2007. Words.

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  1. mom replied:

    Interesting: how we all feel a bit famous personally, when our home towns are mentioned, so true. I personally left to Ortonville during DJJD thus missing the whole shenanigans, and that was just fine with me.
    How is the quilt? It is like a work of art, when the colors on a canvas don’t quite come together right. They might yet tho, hope so.

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