Car chases are so boring

I watched “The Bourne Supremacy” tonight and enjoyed it, although would have enjoyed it more with about ten fewer minutes of car chase.  I also would prefer less hand-to-hand killing.  In general, though, I enjoyed the three Bourne movies.  Next up: “Ocean’s 11/12/13”?

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Killings will do that to a place

I went to happy hour at TGI Friday’s with a bunch of coworkers today, then when there were only four of us left we headed over to Redfish two doors down. Literally two doors down, and yet two people drove. McDonalds next to the TGI Friday’s, then Redfish. It took let’s call it two minutes to walk there. Why did they drive their cars??

When we walked in we were greeted by an intimidating woman with dreadlocks who checked our IDs, wearing black cargo pants, combat boots, and gloves. Then she went through our purses, checked our pockets, and patted our butt pockets. She patted down the guy with us, including at his ankles, underarms, and all pockets. I was surprised. Last time I was there, over a year ago, they simply confirmed IDs.
Inside it was pretty dead. The small dance floor was empty and several tables were free.

I commented on the new security protocol.   A coworker said it was probably because of the shooting that took place there less than a month ago. Oh yeah, somebody died after gunfire outside Redfish, related to an earlier fistfight inside the place… When I read about it I was picturing a separate nearby establishment called Rockfish, but nope, it was definitely Redfish.

I saw at least three security guys  throughout the night in addition to bartenders, and when we walked out at 11:00 there were two security people standing by the doors.

I’m living dangerously.

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New Wednesday tradition?

A few friends are coming over tomorrow to cook dinner and hang out. Last Wednesday we met at Wildflower Bakery, and the week before that was at Cat’s place. I’m excited about a possible weekly standing dinner night, and maybe we can even combine it with “America’s Next Top Model’, which has a new season starting two weeks from tomorrow. I could watch it on actual television like everybody else and find out what happens the same night it airs!

Tomorrow I’m trying a new Moroccan stew recipe, served on a bed of couscous with a side of fruit salad. Dessert, if called for, will be Ghiradelli milk chocolate chips poured into a pretty bowl to eat by hand. I used to not like chocolate, and now I go through a bag of those every 3-4 weeks, even when I’m not making chocolate chips cookies. I don’t know what happened. I also really like Heath ice cream squares and the Breyer’s Lower Calorie Ice Cream bars.  It’s pretty isolated to those three specific foods, so I guess things haven’t completely changed.  Still no on ice cream sandwiches, chocolate ice cream, and regular Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

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