New recipe for dinner

We made a new recipe tonight from Vegetarian Times, with spaghetti, mushrooms, spinach, and garbanzo beans.  The finished product reminds me a little of Spaghetti O’s in taste and texutre.  A better version, since this is ok and I never liked Spaghetti O’s.  I wasn’t very good at being a kid, I guess — even when I was 10 I didn’t like chocolate milk or Spaghetti O’s.

That might not be entirely accurate and somewhat misremembered, so if anybody knew me when I was 10 and was familiar with my food preferences, feel free to contradict or corroborate that statement.

October 1, 2007. Words.

One Comment

  1. Mom replied:

    Hmmm I think you ate everything you were served, pretty much, even fish stix. With special lust for cookies and desserts.
    Glad you got brakes. That and the eliptical machine are big expenses the last 2 months.

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