I ate half a peach for breakfast (the outside half – the insides weren’t so good but the skin was tasty), then spent the next three hours throwing it up.  I left work at 11:30, having given up on any kind of productive day.  I stopped at the bathroom to barf on the way out, barfed some more when I got home, then slept for five hours.

Maybe it was part of an odd vomit-heavy, headache-light migraine, or maybe the pad thai I made last night didn’t go so well.  I started feeling funny inside maybe an hour after dinner last night.

After waking up at 5 p.m. I ate a little can of pineapple and some fries with melted cheese and I haven’t thrown up, although my stomach does feel a little questionable.  I hope I’m good by tomorrow morning so I can go to work and and actually stay at work this time.  It’s kind of embarrassing to leave before noon due to illness.

October 9, 2007. Words.


  1. mom replied:

    If you can eat fries and cheese and pineapple today, well, I’d say you’re WELL!!!
    That is weird tho. What does pad thai have in it allergy wise?
    Love, mom

  2. mom replied:

    PS Here is some neat, one of a kind designs of jewelry that my cousin’s daughter makes, such beautiful things, for sale

    I thought you and your readers might enjoy seeing them.

  3. Michael Terry replied:

    My room lead says she always always gets sick when she drinks Orange Juliuses (is that the right plural?). She wonders if there’s some ingredient that makes you more likely to get sick. Personally, I never get sick when I eat Orange Julius brand fruit smoothies. Sounds like a personal problem for her.

  4. admin replied:

    I can’t decide if that’s a random comment from somebody who has stumbled across my blog, or just really weird spam for Orange Julius ™ fruit smoothies.

  5. Michael Terry replied:

    That’s funny, I was thinking the same thing about your mom’s comment.

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