OMG Weird Al!

Weird Al is coming to the Arizona state fair on Tuesday.  I totally have to go.

Earlier today my mother sent me an email saying Weird Al had a special on some cable channel tonight.  Then later, a friend mentioned that we should go to the fair or something, and I said that fairs are fun and my first concert was to see Weird Al at the Minnesota state fair in August 2000.  And then I learned that he has a concert here this year too!  It was meant to be!  I better bring my (12) Weird Al cds to work tomorrow to brush up on the songs, to better sing along at the concert.

October 11, 2007. Words.


  1. Michael Terry replied:

    Yeah, Weird Al still has it. “White and Nerdy”? Awesome.

    My brother’s favorite musical artist growing up was Weird Al. I mean literally. That’s freakin’ strange. He couldn’t wait for the next album, bought it immediately, and played it all day long every day. Kind of annoying.

  2. ZoeJane replied:

    I’m not going to be here.. 😦

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