Goodwill shopping

I went to Goodwill this afternoon to buy a few more dog blankets.  As I got out of my car, a fire truck with its lights flashing pulled into the parking lot.  A group of punk/emo-looking twentysomethings was walking out to their car near me and one woman pointed at the incoming fire truck and said, “Hey, that’s for the stupid suitcase-head lady!  It is!”

Her friend shouted, “What?!  That’s bullshit!”

Interesting…  I walked into the store a few meters ahead of the EMTs climbing out of the fire truck, a couple of them pulling on latex gloves.  The first man paused near the front doors and called, “Hello…?”  A clerk saw him and pointed them towards the back.

I did my shopping first, choosing a couple big fluffy blankets, some drinking glasses, and a can opener to leave in kitchen at work.  (Somebody stole the previous can opener and I couldn’t eat my daily can of pineapple chunks for a week.)  As I was checking out the bookcases and file cabinets, I saw the group of 5 EMTs, all men, in a circle around a chair I assume was holding the stupid suitcase-head lady.  I heard her talking and the stretcher lay empty, nobody was covered in blood or looked particularly stressed.  One man’s gaze kept getting distracted by the great furniture deals around him, turning away from the patient to look more closely at price tags.

I didn’t see any suitcases.

October 13, 2007. Words.


  1. Michael Terry replied:

    You had the makings of a pretty good story, but you never resolved the conflict! Isn’t it clear that the conflict for the reader was “What in Hell is a suitcase-head”? I picture an elephantitis type affliction, only of the head. Next time, please investigate. The line about the guy being distracted by the great furniture deals was pretty funny, though.

  2. admin replied:

    I didn’t find out what happened. I didn’t see the lady in question – I only saw the EMTs surrounding where I assume she was sitting, I heard her voice but could not see her or hear what she was saying, and I did not see a suitcase anywhere in the store nor in/on/through anybody’s head.

  3. Sandy Craig replied:

    Maybe the “lady” was really a Packers fan in disguise! emo guys could confuse cheese with suitcases? Who knows!

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