My O magazine arrived today!

I sure do love O: The Oprah Magazine. It’s my favorite magazine, and the new issue arrived today! This month’s theme is Staying Young and I bet it will help me appreciate the joys and benefits of being young. (I assume they mean young like 25, not young like 12.) The ache-free firm slender wrinkle-free body; the freedom to change jobs, cities, hobbies, and goals without worrying about my mortgage, children, spouse, or reputation; the 40 years for my 401(k) to develop in the high risk segments that will definitely go up before I need the money….

I have my whole life to grow older.  The time to celebrate being young is now!

October 15, 2007. Words.

One Comment

  1. Michael Terry replied:

    Sorry, but you subscribe to O magazine. I’m pretty sure that disqualifies you from the young category.

    On a separate note, do these comments allow html?

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