The perfect amount of sleep

Several of the most e-mailed articles on right now are about sleeping.  (Yes, I am aware that I do not currently live in nor have I ever lived in New York, city or state.)  Here is one article about sleep and health.

I know that I don’t sleep the healthiest amount.  During the week I regularly get less than 7 hours of sleep, and then on the weekend I’m usually out for 12 straight hours.

This article talks about nightmares and dreaming.  And it also points out that dreaming and “a dreamlike state called mentation” occur during about two thirds of sleep, not all of which is happening during REM.  “REM sleep, when the eyes are flitting behind closed lids, is rightly renowned as the dreaming stage, with at least 90 percent of it spent dreaming. But dreams occur in parts of non-REM sleep, as well….  Most cases of sleepwalking occur in non-REM sleep, when the body is not paralyzed.”

You know the occasional sleepwalking episode where I wake to find that I’m standing by the bedroom door, attempting to tug the blankets off the bed while the other person who had been sleeping peacefully a moment before tugs back and says, “What are you doing?  What is wrong with you??” before realizing that I was just doing my crazy sleepwalk thing?  Yeah, no big deal, just some physically active dreaming during non-REM sleep, nothing to see here folks.

October 23, 2007. Words.

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