I’m famous!

My Tetris quilt was mentioned on two websites this weekend, for Craft and Make magazines.  Ok, so they’re sister publications and the Make post was simply as part of “best of Craft” post referring to the other one, but still.  I’m totally famous!  Check out the posts and be amazed.

October 28, 2007. Words.


  1. Tad replied:

    That’s awesome! I’m a huge fan of MAKE. In my book, this is quite the honor. Well done, Amy. (P.S. what name do you go by now?)

  2. Josiah Adams replied:

    Love your quilt and…lol…I hardly know what ‘Tetris’ even is…anyway, the design/color is great. WIN, WIN, WIN
    ps it’s on neatorama

  3. admin replied:

    Tad – I don’t think I understand the question. Do you mean the name I use in the so-called blogosphere? (Does anybody still use that term?) Most of the time it’s Callipygian, unless I’m linking back to my anonymous work blog in which case it’s a different pseudonym so that it stays separate from my photos, etc, to try to keep up the anonymity. Sometimes I forget and use Callipygian for the work blog or the pseudonym back to RSN. Anything linking to Rabbit Style News should use Callipygian or my real name, which is the same as always.

  4. Tad replied:

    Question understood and answered. It was the two different pseudonyms that were throwing me off.

    Next question: did you listen to the crazy Tetris music while you were working on the quilt? And did you play the crazy Tetris music at 1.5X as you neared completion?

  5. Sarah replied:

    Well done, my crazy quilt making friend, well done. Ryan wants to make out with your Tetris quilt, the sick fucker.

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