It rains

It started raining a little before lunch and it is still raining at 11:17 p.m.  It has been raining all day, pretty much continuously.  It is like I’m someplace else, someplace that isn’t the Arizona desert.

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Every time, you know?

I walked past several young men in the hot tub on the way back from the mailboxes this evening.  One was saying, “Every time I’ve gotten a girl ready to have sex, I lay ’em down, I reach for my wallet — and I have nothing, you know?”

I didn’t hear the others’ responses.  I had questions for him, and I wanted to know what he said next:  “And I’m like, damn, but this girl is hot and she’s layin’ there so we do it anyway, hopin’ that I don’t get nothin’ and she’s not gonna get preggers, you know?”

If “every time” he doesn’t have a condom, why hasn’t he learned the lesson and stocked up?  Where are they having sex that his wallet is the only possible source — are they in a car?  If they’re at his place, doesn’t he have some in a drawer or in the bathroom cupboard or something?  If they’re at her place, why doesn’t the girl ready to have sex have her own stash?

Or maybe I misunderstood and he’s reaching for his wallet for something else.  Money?  Identification?  Library card?

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Shopping at Target

I went to Target this evening and spent $140. I made a long list beforehand of things I needed (toilet paper), things I’ve been planning to buy but could live without (new jeans that aren’t faded or ratty at the bottom), and things that are unnecessary and fun (candy to replace the candy I’m always eating from my manager’s stash). I didn’t buy anything not on the list, and I decided against some things that were on it.

I bought jeans for $23. If I like them a lot, I’ll buy another pair to hem for wearing with sneakers or flats. This pair is intended for heels, and I’ll still be hemming two inches off the bottom.

Other purchases included, but were not limited to: two shirts, underwear, notecards and envelopes, lip balm, face lotion, a set of drawers for my growing sewing materials, a new pillow, and People magazine. That last one is to jumpstart my exercising; I haven’t been on the elliptical in probably six weeks, ever since I went through a bad week with constant head pain. After that marathon headache finally abated I never got back on it and I’ve gained a little weight. The magazine is for reading only while on the elliptical machine.

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Old lady dog food

I bought my dog Purina Senior dog food, intended for dogs age 7+.  I think 14 years old fits in that category.  She seems to like it a lot.  She also likes her worm poison.  And there was some arthritis medicine she had for a few weeks last year that smelled like honey and tasted like something amazing that she greatly enjoyed.  It came in a dropper and was measured in mL, and sometimes she would bite the dropper before I had a chance to squeeze it into her mouth.  The vet said dogs like it and she was right.

The hexapus has also come out of retirement.  Its embroidered mouth is tattered one of its legs is hanging by a shred.  Soon it might become a pentapod.

I received an absurd portrait of the dog for my birthday.  She looks like the saddest dog in the world, probably because she was made to sit still while my brother took a picture of her for the artist to use as reference.  Man, she hates sitting still on command.  My companion complains that the eyes follow him around the house, that no matter where he is the painting Kalayna is leering at him.  I’ll post a picture soon.

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Thanksgiving meal

I have been convinced to go to my brother’s girlfriend’s family Thanksgiving. My plan was to sleep late and work on my quilt (I mean mail my quilt… which is completely finished… and beautiful…) and not make small talk with somebody else’s family, but this will be ok too I guess.

My gentleman friend and I are bringing potatoes au gratin, two lemon meringue pies, and Rice Krispie treats. That last one is his contribution to the fine culinary adventure.

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Migraine returns

I hadn’t had a migraine in over a month, possibly even six weeks, until last night.  I knew it was coming all day and I was still surprised at the intensity.  Funny how it’s so hard to remember what pain is like when not experiencing it.

I lay in the darkened shower for half an hour, then I took an Imitrex and put myself to bed around 11:30.  I got up a few minutes later to do some vomiting.  I ended up dragging a blanket and a pillow into the bathroom so that I could try to sleep a little between bouts of barfing, so much barfing.

That’s where he found me when he came home from a late movie at 1:30 a.m.

“Aw, poor baby, can I do anything?” he said.

“That bathroom garbage needs to go out, there’s puke in it,” I replied without uncovering my eyes, hidden from the stabbing pain of the small nightlight.

I took another Imitrex (the first one having been thrown up long before) and finally went to bed.

In other news, my dog came to me for Dog Holding Time and has been curled up in my lap as I type this.  She’s not particularly cuddly and yet sometimes she presents herself to be held, usually on Sunday afternoons.  It’s very endearing.

dog holding time

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Baby quilt is coming along

I received recent pictures from the mother-to-be and was startled to see that she is, how do you say, ah yes, heavy with child.  She really is very much pregnant and due within a month.  It blew my mind, and I frantically went to work on the baby quilt.

With the addition of the final border, the quilt top will be fully pieced.  This Friday I will go to Joann to buy the backing — soft dinosaur fabric is the plan.

I like it.  I look forward to posting pictures here.

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Furniture: rearranged

I came home at noon because the workload was absurdly low and they let several people leave for the day (using vacation hours, of course).  I decided to rearrange the furniture.  I felt unsettled and unhappy and the best solution was to move stuff around.  It was a little tough going it alone, especially with the futon, but I managed.  Pull with your lower back, not with your legs, and you’ll be fine.

I spent the afternoon watching several episodes of “The Office” on, then reading about how Us Weekly says Rashida Jones (Karen) declined comment on speculation that she and John Krasinski (Jim) are dating.

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Birthday party

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy biiiiiiirthday to meeeee, happy birthday to me.  Below is a picture from Becky.
blowing out the candles

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Quilt number 3: for my aunt Sue

Here is a picture of my third quilt, completed during the summer for my aunt Sue. It’s a smaller version of the one I made for my mom for Mother’s Day, incorporating pieces of my grandmother’s clothing. (Mom & Sue are sisters.) It has the same size blocks as my mom’s, except instead of 4×5, it’s 3×3. It’s a lap quilt size, ideal for reading or watching tv during the cold winter months. I hear there is such a thing as a cold winter month, anyway; the highs are still in the 90s around here.

quilt for Sue

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