Birthday party

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy biiiiiiirthday to meeeee, happy birthday to me.  Below is a picture from Becky.
blowing out the candles

November 4, 2007. Pictures, Words.


  1. mom replied:

    What exactly IS that cake made of?
    Is that your bro on the left and S next to him?
    Glad you had all your candles to blow out and a wish opportunity 🙂

    Love, Mom

  2. admin replied:

    I totally forgot to make a wish until somebody said, “What did you wish for?” and by then it was too late.

    It’s angel food cake made in a too-small bundt cake pan that overflowed, with whipped cream from a can sprayed in a failed attempt to make a sturdy base for the candles. It was delicious.

    Yes, you guessed the headless figures correctly.

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