New York Times wedding announcements

For some reason that isn’t entirely clear, I started reading the New York Times wedding announcements years ago and I still do most Sundays. Every few months there’s one about somebody who graduated from Middlebury College, but nobody I’ve known.

Today some 52-year-old man and his 31-year-old bride got married. At the end of the of the article it says: ” And then, contemplating the family he hopes to start, he added, ‘I just wish I had met Mei Sze 20 years ago’.” Um, she would have been 12 years old, professor.  In sixth or seventh grade. Ew.

November 4, 2007. Words.


  1. Sandy replied:

    Hey! I’ve been reading them for years myself but they are boringly repetitive, I think – except for the 1/2 page one that has two nice pics and a “closer look” write-up. Why is it important what the bride and groom’s PARENTS’ livelihood is (or was)? Who cares if the bride “is keeping her name”, as if that were some sort of crime? And why the importance of age? Also, a very high percentage of the weddings are Jewish, which is an interesting sociological point. Sometimes there is a same-sex marriage (with pic) which is more than a bit unusual. I gather you’re rather proud (pleased, satisfied, whatever) to have gone to Middlebury?

  2. Michael Terry replied:

    Looks like I’ve missed many installments of RSN. Hopefully I’ll have time to catch up. 🙂 Meanwhile, I’ve always been bored by serial killers, but I got sort of interested the other day when I realized there could be oldest serial killers and youngest serial killers and the like. I found out that Albert Fish was the oldest. Turns out his dad was 43 years older than his mom. Wa-ow.

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