Furniture: rearranged

I came home at noon because the workload was absurdly low and they let several people leave for the day (using vacation hours, of course).  I decided to rearrange the furniture.  I felt unsettled and unhappy and the best solution was to move stuff around.  It was a little tough going it alone, especially with the futon, but I managed.  Pull with your lower back, not with your legs, and you’ll be fine.

I spent the afternoon watching several episodes of “The Office” on, then reading about how Us Weekly says Rashida Jones (Karen) declined comment on speculation that she and John Krasinski (Jim) are dating.

November 8, 2007. Words.


  1. Michael Terry replied:

    Yes! Using your back to move things is way better. People are always saying, “Lift with your back” in naggy know-it-all voices. And I say, “Go to the gym, you lazy sack.” There’s a reason people want to use their backs–it’s way easier and more convenient! The only reason folks are always throwing their backs out when they move pianos is because they’re WEAK.


  2. Michael Terry replied:

    s/”Lift with your back”/”Lift with your legs”/

  3. ZoeJane replied:

    That’s my way of ‘making change happen’. It works, and you get exercise, which also helps.

  4. Sandy replied:

    Did you rearrange the pictures on the walls?

  5. admin replied:

    No. The living room walls have posters (art, the movie poster for “Seven Samurai”) that are attached to the walls with push pins. Moving them would leave little holes where they used to be.

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