Migraine returns

I hadn’t had a migraine in over a month, possibly even six weeks, until last night.  I knew it was coming all day and I was still surprised at the intensity.  Funny how it’s so hard to remember what pain is like when not experiencing it.

I lay in the darkened shower for half an hour, then I took an Imitrex and put myself to bed around 11:30.  I got up a few minutes later to do some vomiting.  I ended up dragging a blanket and a pillow into the bathroom so that I could try to sleep a little between bouts of barfing, so much barfing.

That’s where he found me when he came home from a late movie at 1:30 a.m.

“Aw, poor baby, can I do anything?” he said.

“That bathroom garbage needs to go out, there’s puke in it,” I replied without uncovering my eyes, hidden from the stabbing pain of the small nightlight.

I took another Imitrex (the first one having been thrown up long before) and finally went to bed.

In other news, my dog came to me for Dog Holding Time and has been curled up in my lap as I type this.  She’s not particularly cuddly and yet sometimes she presents herself to be held, usually on Sunday afternoons.  It’s very endearing.

dog holding time

November 18, 2007. Pictures, Words.


  1. ZoeJane replied:

    have you considered the possibility that Imitrex is causing the vomiting?

    I love it when my non-cuddly cats curl up on the sofa with me.

  2. mom replied:

    That’s sucky. I hope there can be some changes, as in not getting them, somehow in your life-

    Love, Mom

  3. admin replied:

    I’ve migraine-vomited without Imitrex and had Imitrex without vomiting afterwards, so I don’t think one is causing the other.

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