Thanksgiving meal

I have been convinced to go to my brother’s girlfriend’s family Thanksgiving. My plan was to sleep late and work on my quilt (I mean mail my quilt… which is completely finished… and beautiful…) and not make small talk with somebody else’s family, but this will be ok too I guess.

My gentleman friend and I are bringing potatoes au gratin, two lemon meringue pies, and Rice Krispie treats. That last one is his contribution to the fine culinary adventure.

November 19, 2007. Words.


  1. Michael Terry replied:

    Lemon meringue, yum.

  2. ZoeJane replied:

    oy. that should be interesting. you’ll probably end up having a great time.

  3. mom replied:

    I think it’s good to go to a family cluster.
    Bring pies here! Bring pies here! Yum
    Can’t mail on Thurs. anyhow, really, it’s completely done? Yay, good for you.
    Headed out to JoAnne Fabric myself right now- will try and create a stocking like your Xmas one, from a pattern your Grandma Vilma gave me, and maybe something else that’s a secret (for my man of the house).
    Take Pix on T- Day.
    Love, Mom

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