Old lady dog food

I bought my dog Purina Senior dog food, intended for dogs age 7+.  I think 14 years old fits in that category.  She seems to like it a lot.  She also likes her worm poison.  And there was some arthritis medicine she had for a few weeks last year that smelled like honey and tasted like something amazing that she greatly enjoyed.  It came in a dropper and was measured in mL, and sometimes she would bite the dropper before I had a chance to squeeze it into her mouth.  The vet said dogs like it and she was right.

The hexapus has also come out of retirement.  Its embroidered mouth is tattered one of its legs is hanging by a shred.  Soon it might become a pentapod.

I received an absurd portrait of the dog for my birthday.  She looks like the saddest dog in the world, probably because she was made to sit still while my brother took a picture of her for the artist to use as reference.  Man, she hates sitting still on command.  My companion complains that the eyes follow him around the house, that no matter where he is the painting Kalayna is leering at him.  I’ll post a picture soon.

November 20, 2007. Words.

One Comment

  1. mom replied:

    asbsurd, follows him around the room?
    well, ok then

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