Shopping at Target

I went to Target this evening and spent $140. I made a long list beforehand of things I needed (toilet paper), things I’ve been planning to buy but could live without (new jeans that aren’t faded or ratty at the bottom), and things that are unnecessary and fun (candy to replace the candy I’m always eating from my manager’s stash). I didn’t buy anything not on the list, and I decided against some things that were on it.

I bought jeans for $23. If I like them a lot, I’ll buy another pair to hem for wearing with sneakers or flats. This pair is intended for heels, and I’ll still be hemming two inches off the bottom.

Other purchases included, but were not limited to: two shirts, underwear, notecards and envelopes, lip balm, face lotion, a set of drawers for my growing sewing materials, a new pillow, and People magazine. That last one is to jumpstart my exercising; I haven’t been on the elliptical in probably six weeks, ever since I went through a bad week with constant head pain. After that marathon headache finally abated I never got back on it and I’ve gained a little weight. The magazine is for reading only while on the elliptical machine.

November 24, 2007. Words.

One Comment

  1. ZoeJane replied:

    good incentive to exercise. i’ve been using my ipod. but that doesn’t really work well when all of that music is on my computer anyway.

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