Every time, you know?

I walked past several young men in the hot tub on the way back from the mailboxes this evening.  One was saying, “Every time I’ve gotten a girl ready to have sex, I lay ’em down, I reach for my wallet — and I have nothing, you know?”

I didn’t hear the others’ responses.  I had questions for him, and I wanted to know what he said next:  “And I’m like, damn, but this girl is hot and she’s layin’ there so we do it anyway, hopin’ that I don’t get nothin’ and she’s not gonna get preggers, you know?”

If “every time” he doesn’t have a condom, why hasn’t he learned the lesson and stocked up?  Where are they having sex that his wallet is the only possible source — are they in a car?  If they’re at his place, doesn’t he have some in a drawer or in the bathroom cupboard or something?  If they’re at her place, why doesn’t the girl ready to have sex have her own stash?

Or maybe I misunderstood and he’s reaching for his wallet for something else.  Money?  Identification?  Library card?

November 27, 2007. Words.


  1. mom replied:

    definitely library card. hahaha
    you should write professionally, at least parttime

  2. ZoeJane replied:

    I’d say it’s for money 😉

  3. Michael Terry replied:

    “…why doesn’t the girl ready to have sex have her own stash?”

    Oh, I know this one! Because a woman doesn’t want to think of herself a slut. It’s hard to convince yourself of that if you buy a stash of condoms “just in case”.

    Actually, I can’t imagine a woman ever buying condoms, ’cause then the checker would think she’s a slut. What do you do? Can’t get them from another woman, ’cause she can’t buy them either. Planned Parenthood, I guess? Truckstop vending machine?

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