New York Times wedding announcements

For some reason that isn’t entirely clear, I started reading the New York Times wedding announcements years ago and I still do most Sundays. Every few months there’s one about somebody who graduated from Middlebury College, but nobody I’ve known.

Today some 52-year-old man and his 31-year-old bride got married. At the end of the of the article it says: ” And then, contemplating the family he hopes to start, he added, ‘I just wish I had met Mei Sze 20 years ago’.” Um, she would have been 12 years old, professor.  In sixth or seventh grade. Ew.

November 4, 2007. Words. 2 comments.

Happy birthday to me!

My birthday has been perfectly lovely so far, with flowers delivered to work and leftover Thai food for lunch and now I’m heading out to some adult cocktail hour at the science center.

November 2, 2007. Words. 1 comment.

Almost my birthday!

My birthday is tomorrow!  The man of the house teaches on Fridays and doesn’t get home until almost 11:00 p.m. so he wanted to celebrate tonight instead.  I decided against a dinner out and instead we picked up the first three DVDs of season six of “Sex and the City” and Thai food.  Turns out I had already seen the first two discs, maybe even the third (I haven’t started that one yet), so instead of watching the final episodes I hadn’t seen, I’m just reminding myself of what was happening in the first half of the season to prepare for the second half.
I turn 26 tomorrow.  Down-slope to 30, I call it.

November 1, 2007. Words. Leave a comment.

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