Baby quilt complete!

I just completed the last stitching on the baby quilt, after a week of it lying quietly on my sewing table for no good reason. The mother-to-be also just told that she is experiencing early labor signs.

I used soft flannel material as the final backing and had to sew two pieces together to make it wide enough. After I had already attached it to the quilt I realized that one of the pieces had “Designed and Produced Exclusively for Joann Fabrics” printed several times at the selvage edge of the fabric and it was clearly visible down the middle of the quilt. I spent an extra hour sewing bits of fabric over the words. This quilt is Designed and Produced Exclusively for Baby Jordan Dec. 2007, thank you very much, as I signed it in a corner with permanent marker that likely won’t last more than a few washes. (Jordan being the last name; baby’s sex & name unknown.)

I should learn to do embroidery for signing my quilts. My book says that signing and dating quilts is important, especially if it’s a gift. If somebody picks up the quilt in years to come, they should be able to flip it over and say, “My god what a beautiful quilt, and look, it was made in December 2007 for Baby Jordan by Amy Wegner.”

December 1, 2007. Words.


  1. mom replied:

    Yup, I’m going to embroider over the words you wrote on my very lovely quilt. A very basic way is sooooooo simple. Use a double embroidery thread, make a stitch, backtrack and split the visible stitch in two, and continue on your path, repeat. easy.
    Baby Jordan, your time is about to come, hope the ride out is easy on both of you.

  2. Baby replied:

    The internets demand pictures!

  3. admin replied:

    Pictures will go up after they get it — I wouldn’t want to preempt the surprise.

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