I’m pretty excited about expanding my sewing skills beyond basic straight-seam quilts.  Some friends gave me a subscription to Craft magazine for my birhtday and my first issue just arrived, filled with directions for how to “Whip Up a Party Dress!”, make an apron out of a “vintage” bedsheet, and tips for making pants that fit.  I am discovering cool and helpful blogs on crafting (that’s what making crafts is called these days) and particularly sewing.
I gave myself this entire week as vacation and by the end of it I’ll have a few completed projects.  Tonight: an easy apron.  Tomorrow: pajama pants?  Wednesday: altering a skirt and a button-front shirt to clothing I’ll actually wear.

I am going to be able to sew my own clothing!  Not all of it, of course, just some of it, like a special dress or a unique shirt or a comfortable pair of pajama pants.  You realize what this means?  I am inexorably transforming into my mother, who sewed her own wedding gown and my Easter dresses when I was a little girl and pajamas for the whole family and the infamous flag pants.  Oh god, the flag pants…  somebody stop me if I start making those….

December 10, 2007. Words.


  1. ZoeJane replied:

    congratulations on finding a fulfilling hobby 🙂 I’m sure a few people will speak out should you start slipping toward the flag pants side of the spectrum.

  2. mom replied:

    well hahahaha the flag pants material was really really on a fabulous sale hahaha
    but the pattern WAS good and comfy
    and NEW too, you all loved having something NEW

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