Baby quilt pictures

The complete quilt is bigger than traditional baby quilt size, which I realized when I went to buy batting and the “crib size” was a bit too short on all sides.  It should fit in a crib if it’s folded or tucked under something.  Plus, it will still be useful on a little bed in a few years, or spread on the floor to provide a soft surface for doing whatever it is a baby does before it can even hold up its own head, or to warm the family snuggling on the couch.

I know that white isn’t the best fabric to use for the back of a baby quilt, since it will show the stains of use and quickly lose its crisp color, but I really wanted soft flannel dinosaurs and this material was the only option for immediate purchase.  (It was a race between me and the baby — who would be done first?)
Note to self: close bathroom door before taking pictures of future projects. Better yet, go outside during the day for natural light.

close-up front dinosaurs on the back front & back

it's a cape the quilt

December 14, 2007. Pictures, Projects, Words.

One Comment

  1. Amy Lee replied:

    WOW Amy – I’m very impressed. The quilt is beautiful – for being your 2nd, maybe 3rd quilt – you’re doing AMAZING!!!! I definitely think that you’re ready for a bargello – you can borrow my book if you like – when you’re taking a break from aprons and other items, I’ll send it on out! Once again – BEAUTIFUL! (PS – I’ve never ‘posted’ to one of these so called ‘blogs’ – consider yourself amazing to have inspired me to leave my first message!)

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