Sometimes, when you have a dog…

You forget that there’s an opened pack of pink & white frosted circus animal cookies in a bag on the floor and the dog will eat all of them. Eight hours later she’ll vomit pink on the carpet, stains that won’t come out after four scrubbings with SpotShot, and will poo pink for two days. At least she won’t die of insulin shock.

December 17, 2007. Words.


  1. mom replied:

    RC says thank you for the reality check and says “this too shall come to pass”.

    I say, these things sometimes happen with FIVE dogs hahahaha

    We’re working on Carli not pooping out blobs of black and white fur that say “gracie” on them. sigh.

  2. ZoeJane replied:

    pink poop? I can’t think of anything more disgusting right now, lol.

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