Baby quilt thank you card

I received a handwritten thank you card today and it must have been dusty, I got a little something in my eye, just tearing up because of the dust, that’s all, nothing to see here folks… got a little something in my eye…

complete baby quilt

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Apron #1

I made an apron tonight using the excellent tutorial on this blog.  I’m going to make a few more with various embellishments and changes (ruffle at the bottom, small hand towel attached under the waistband, maybe a lacy purely decorative model…), so if anybody wants an apron, let me know.  I’m not sure what I would do with five of them.

front view  back view

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I’m pretty excited about expanding my sewing skills beyond basic straight-seam quilts.  Some friends gave me a subscription to Craft magazine for my birhtday and my first issue just arrived, filled with directions for how to “Whip Up a Party Dress!”, make an apron out of a “vintage” bedsheet, and tips for making pants that fit.  I am discovering cool and helpful blogs on crafting (that’s what making crafts is called these days) and particularly sewing.
I gave myself this entire week as vacation and by the end of it I’ll have a few completed projects.  Tonight: an easy apron.  Tomorrow: pajama pants?  Wednesday: altering a skirt and a button-front shirt to clothing I’ll actually wear.

I am going to be able to sew my own clothing!  Not all of it, of course, just some of it, like a special dress or a unique shirt or a comfortable pair of pajama pants.  You realize what this means?  I am inexorably transforming into my mother, who sewed her own wedding gown and my Easter dresses when I was a little girl and pajamas for the whole family and the infamous flag pants.  Oh god, the flag pants…  somebody stop me if I start making those….

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Name changes after marriage

Yesterday there was an article in the New York Times Weddings & Celebrations section about name changes after getting married.  There have been 391 comments since then.

One says:

I always cringe when this subject comes up. I think this entire debate is idiotic. It is, however, highly useful in weeding out liberals. I took my husband’s last name when we married, and I would never have wanted to do anything different. I think anything else just shows how pervasive that militant, socialistic feminism is, and is simply another way of undermining marriage. Women who refuse to take their husband’s name only do so because they want to “be prepared” in case the marriage fails. Of course, with that mindset the chances of failure increase dramatically.

— Husband’s Last Name and Proud of it!, Michigan

Useful in weeding out the liberals?  Guilty as charged.

I plan to keep my last name the rest of my life, regardless of my marital status.  It’s easy to pronounce, spelled exactly as it’s pronounced (although a surprising number of people get it wrong), not too long or short, not too common, and I’d like the continuity for professional purposes.  Assuming I’m not forever working in low-level cubicle jobs, that is, and a professional life becomes important.  I’m the #3 google hit for my name, I just discovered.  The woman with model horses and the winner of a 2004 teen pageant are still ahead of me, though.

Besides, I’ve already changed my name once — over 20 years ago — and that’s enough.  I don’t know what my spouse will do or what name any children would use.  Possible solution?  No children.

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Baby quilt complete!

I just completed the last stitching on the baby quilt, after a week of it lying quietly on my sewing table for no good reason. The mother-to-be also just told that she is experiencing early labor signs.

I used soft flannel material as the final backing and had to sew two pieces together to make it wide enough. After I had already attached it to the quilt I realized that one of the pieces had “Designed and Produced Exclusively for Joann Fabrics” printed several times at the selvage edge of the fabric and it was clearly visible down the middle of the quilt. I spent an extra hour sewing bits of fabric over the words. This quilt is Designed and Produced Exclusively for Baby Jordan Dec. 2007, thank you very much, as I signed it in a corner with permanent marker that likely won’t last more than a few washes. (Jordan being the last name; baby’s sex & name unknown.)

I should learn to do embroidery for signing my quilts. My book says that signing and dating quilts is important, especially if it’s a gift. If somebody picks up the quilt in years to come, they should be able to flip it over and say, “My god what a beautiful quilt, and look, it was made in December 2007 for Baby Jordan by Amy Wegner.”

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