Sometimes, when you have a dog…

You walk through the living room and glance outside and see your dog standing on the balcony, looking hopefully through the glass sliding door.

You remember that about 20 minutes ago you switched the laundry and called the dog as you walked inside, thinking she was out there too. You looked around and didn’t see her so figured she was in her basket as usual, then promptly forgot to check.

Luckily, your cold winter night is 51 degrees.

January 11, 2008. Words.


  1. ZoeJane replied:

    We’ve done this with the cats sometimes…

  2. mom replied:

    Sometimes when you have a dog, you let it into the bathroom while you take a bath, like this morning, and don’t watch it, and notice the brand newly fixed plaster corner is now chewed to, alas, shreds. Yummy breakfast for a new 6 mos. old puppy.

    Poor little K. standing pathetically at the doorway, let me in, let me in, I AM out here. help help.

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