Cocktail party: success!

The refined evening last night with other young urban intellectual professionals was a success. Everybody was a good sport and dressed up (although one guy did wear a revealing, slinky cocktail dress to mock the idea) and we all made polite conversation as we listened to the smoothest jazz in the valley.

I cut my thumb at the end of the night when slicing cheese but it wasn’t very deep and didn’t bleed for too long. I thought to myself, “Hm, maybe I shouldn’t be cutting cheese with the knife pointed towards myself like this, especially after a couple drinks… It should be ok because I’ll be careful and– agh, my thumb!” Good thing my knives are all dull.

I’ll probably post pictures tomorrow.

January 13, 2008. Words.

One Comment

  1. Shane replied:

    I seem to recall your bagel-cutting knife wasn’t that dull!

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