Cocktail party pictures

looking good excellent outfit sitting

this buffet is great! I did say that a cocktail dress is acceptable attire enjoying the artwork

January 14, 2008. Pictures.


  1. mom replied:

    I like the dog in the 4th and 6th photo. Hmmm dog art dog art, don’t see it! 🙂 Oh, also, nice table cloth

  2. Sandy Craig replied:

    All cocktail parties should include a DOG!!! Breugel always had lots of dogs running around in his paintings. They help in clean-up, bark occasionally, and provide needed distractions and topics for trivial conversations (which are the backbone of all cocktail parties).

  3. sarah replied:

    Um, is that person in the first and last pictures the girl who looks like me? Because that girl looks like skinny me.

  4. admin replied:

    Yes, that’s the one. I was a little freaked out by it the first time I met her, and then as we became friends she stopped looking like you.

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