Today: banana bread

Tomorrow: shepherd’s pie and homemade-without-a-recipe fruit tart!  If successful I will post pictures.

February 27, 2008. Words. 1 comment.

New project!

I spent some time this evening going through scrapbooks from college and it was such fun.  I had forgotten how great my friends were and what delightful times we had during the College Years.  I was reminded of my desire to create a scrapbook (or several) for the years since graduation.  I have hundreds and perhaps thousands of digital photos from which to choose a sampling of pictures to get printed.  This is sounds like something I could do next week when I’m giving myself a full week vacation from work.

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A good day’s sleep

I accidentally slept until 4:07 yesterday afternoon.  I had been up late, not falling asleep until around 3 a.m., and then I slept solidly for 13 hours.  I never woke up to use the bathroom, or rolled over in bed, or glanced at the clock to check the time before continuing to sleep.  I was solidly unconscious for 13 hours straight.  When I woke up and saw that it said 4:07 I wondered if that meant a.m.  The sun peaking through the curtains suggested otherwise.  Another clock confirmed the information.

It was disorienting.  The day was more than halfway over!  There weren’t any messes in the house so my dog must have been able to hold it, the poor thing.

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Monkey off my back

I am delighted to report that I have been off caffeine for a week and a half. Kind of two and a half weeks, with a small relapse in there. I’ve been actively cutting back for months, and then they took away free coffee at work last month and replaced it with a coffee vending machine. (Something about saving $300,000 or more per year across the enterprise.) I’d been drinking decaf — the supply lasted a lot longer than the regular after the orders stopped coming — and Diet Coke.

One day I realized that I hadn’t had any caffeine in over 24 hours and wasn’t yet experiencing any of the usual withdrawal symptoms so decided to wait another day. Still nothing terrible, just some excess sleepiness and cravings for the sweet fizzy taste of Diet Coke.

My name is Amy and I am an addict. It has been 10 days since my last drink.

Now I’m afraid to have any, even just a soda at lunch or a very small cup of coffee in the morning — I could fall off the wagon pretty easily.

February 19, 2008. Words. 3 comments.

“The Wire” – end of season two

I finished watching the second season of “The Wire” tonight.  Good show, that.

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Sometimes, when you have a dog…

On a Saturday morning she will put her front paws on the edge of the bed, staring forlornly at you while you sleep unaware. Your boyfriend, who gets up earlier on weekends and has dog-walking duty those mornings, will move the soft fluffy red blanket next to you and place the dog on top, who will curl up happily and sleep pressed against your stomach until you wake up several hours later.

The next weekend the same thing will happen except the dog will stir but decide to keep sleeping when you roll out of bed, so you’ll move her to the dog basket to continue peacefully slumbering. It wouldn’t do for her to jump down from the high bed and break an old dog hip.

February 9, 2008. Words. 1 comment.

Late library books

I have an overdue library book that I can’t seem to bring back to the library.  Blue Skies, No Fences: A Memoir of Childhood and Family by Lynn Cheney.  It was due almost two weeks ago, and I was aware of it at the time but couldn’t bring myself to renew it online, thinking that if I kept the same due date I would be more likely to return it.  Nope, it just keeps sitting there by the door in case I’m heading that way any time soon.  It’s so silly.  This weekend I’ll go for sure if I haven’t by that time.

February 6, 2008. Words. 3 comments.

Not psychic after all

A few days ago I said that I thought the Super Bowl would be a low-scoring game with a final tally of 13-10.  Today, with only 40 seconds left in the game, it was 14-10 and I was pretty amazed with myself.  Sure, that’s not exactly my prediction but it was pretty darn close.  Then a team scored with half a minute remaining and it ended 17-14, which means that I was just another regular person making up numbers.

I didn’t watch the game, just checking the score now and then.  I didn’t attend any football related events this week, either, even though the Big Game was here.

I spent the afternoon putzing around, doing some laundry and dishes and working on the latest quilt.  I have only two seams before the quilt top is pieced and I get to go to the fabric store to buy material for the border, batting, and backing.

My aunt & uncle recently gave me a calendar that I keep next to my desk featuring quilts from the 19th and early 20th centuries.  Those individuals worked by hand for years to make something so intricate and beautiful, passing it down through the generations.  This one will take maybe 20-25 hours altogether, and while it’s not family heirloom quality, I do think the recipients will enjoy it and find it useful.

February 3, 2008. Words. 3 comments.