Late library books

I have an overdue library book that I can’t seem to bring back to the library.  Blue Skies, No Fences: A Memoir of Childhood and Family by Lynn Cheney.  It was due almost two weeks ago, and I was aware of it at the time but couldn’t bring myself to renew it online, thinking that if I kept the same due date I would be more likely to return it.  Nope, it just keeps sitting there by the door in case I’m heading that way any time soon.  It’s so silly.  This weekend I’ll go for sure if I haven’t by that time.

February 6, 2008. Words.


  1. mom replied:

    So how IS the book you read?
    I’ve had 3 library books sitting in the van, all new ones on a shorter check out time frame, for a week in case I go by the library, which as you know really isn’t all that far….and 2 at home to finish (Wayne Deyer to read and Joel Osteem to skim) on the same almost due not check out-able time frame.

  2. Shane replied:

    Thank you for paying off that one book that I somehow didn’t return!

    Also, check out the Dan Savage special section on RUFF this week for a familiar name on one of the write-in readers!

  3. Sandy Craig replied:

    Speaking of libraries (I think you were), Toledo’s Main Library is absolutely spectacular!! They spent about $18 million a few years back and added a block square addition. Come see it some time. It, like the Museum, the Mud hen Stadium and the Zoo are really great places that we have here in T town.
    Acutally, you were speaking of books.

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