Sometimes, when you have a dog…

On a Saturday morning she will put her front paws on the edge of the bed, staring forlornly at you while you sleep unaware. Your boyfriend, who gets up earlier on weekends and has dog-walking duty those mornings, will move the soft fluffy red blanket next to you and place the dog on top, who will curl up happily and sleep pressed against your stomach until you wake up several hours later.

The next weekend the same thing will happen except the dog will stir but decide to keep sleeping when you roll out of bed, so you’ll move her to the dog basket to continue peacefully slumbering. It wouldn’t do for her to jump down from the high bed and break an old dog hip.

February 9, 2008. Words.

One Comment

  1. mom replied:

    Awwww. Back- up plan to the BF is here if need be for doggy custody. I’m so glad the family unit is functioning smoothly for the good of all.
    We currently have 2 escaped from the -25 windchill ,parked on the sofa afgan, and one plunked in front of the bathroom little square heater.
    The irradiated person asks that, unlike yesterday at 5 a.m., he have a brief reprieve today from dancing toes who later curl up against him also.
    Doggies, the sweet angels of the earth.
    Must call Timmy’s new “parents”.

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