Monkey off my back

I am delighted to report that I have been off caffeine for a week and a half. Kind of two and a half weeks, with a small relapse in there. I’ve been actively cutting back for months, and then they took away free coffee at work last month and replaced it with a coffee vending machine. (Something about saving $300,000 or more per year across the enterprise.) I’d been drinking decaf — the supply lasted a lot longer than the regular after the orders stopped coming — and Diet Coke.

One day I realized that I hadn’t had any caffeine in over 24 hours and wasn’t yet experiencing any of the usual withdrawal symptoms so decided to wait another day. Still nothing terrible, just some excess sleepiness and cravings for the sweet fizzy taste of Diet Coke.

My name is Amy and I am an addict. It has been 10 days since my last drink.

Now I’m afraid to have any, even just a soda at lunch or a very small cup of coffee in the morning — I could fall off the wagon pretty easily.

February 19, 2008. Words.


  1. mom replied:

    Well, having just had my first Pepsi at 5 a.m. CONGRATULATIONS. I cut back to one a day but seem to be back at three….hich I don’t want for the impact to the phosphate in my bones. Might still do caffeine tablets, it does help the old brain flow to The Elderly- but
    good for you!!!Way to go. Cheers. Hope you can maintain, good luck. You Can.

  2. ZoeJane replied:

    Congrats! I don’t even want to consider no caffeine. That is, I only have about 2 cups a week, and no soda, so it’s not to the level you’ve described yet. 🙂 Now, if I could just cut back on the snack foods!

  3. sarah replied:

    You should probably develop a new vice. Might I suggest hookers and blow?

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