Wedding dress pattern

I bought four vintage patterns for a total of $3 at a popular thrift store called Amvets in San Diego over the weekend. My favorite doesn’t have a date on it but appears to be from maybe 1983, and the best kind of 1983. The sleeves are poufy and big, the large tiered skirt has two layers that come to a point in the front and back about halfway down, and the length options are mid-calf or ankle. A wide sash is tied in a big bow at the front or the back.

I’ll likely choose the materials to make this dress from the clearance shelves at Joann Fabrics; their brocade, taffeta, satin, and sequined fabric options are usually limited in the clearance section so the resulting gown might be even more, ah, stunning. If I can actually pull this off, not only will I have learned quite a few new sewing techniques but I will be totally set for any ’80s prom parties (or impromptu weddings) I’m part of in the near future.

I have fond memories of going through my mother’s pattern stash when I was a child, sitting on the floor and flipping through the plump envelopes in the small storage boxes.  I wish I had asked for her collection before she gave them all away.

$6 on ebay, 50 cents at a thrift store

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Quilt for Sebastian

My latest quilt has been another baby quilt, this time for my cousin’s new baby: Sebastian was born yesterday.  (Full-length pictures are still on the camera, to follow later.)

embroidery front and back

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The sleep of champions

This morning I woke up when he said, “Hey, it’s 7:47 a.m. You really should get ready for work.” That means the alarm had gone off at 7:20, 7:29, 7:38, and finally 7:47. I hadn’t stirred any of those times and would have kept sleeping blissfully if he hadn’t tired of hitting snooze. Even with earplugs in, he wakes easier to an alarm clock than I do.

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Gourmet Cooking: Lesson 6, Crema Aireada

Crema Aireada

1. Spray can of whipped cream in bowl or cup for approximately two full seconds.

2. Eat with spoon.

Variation: Skip steps above; spray directly into mouth.

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Go Sharkies!

The San Jose Sharks won their 10th game in a row tonight, hitting a new club record.  The previous record of 9 games had been in place for two days, since they beat Minnesota on Sunday.

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Save $5,000 in 2008!

I picked up a copy of Woman’s Day from the magazine pile at work. Months ago I started a magazine exchange system, bringing in magazines I had already read and hoping others would do the same. I added an Ikea magazine holder and a note. A few people have joined me and I periodically bring home issues to read. (Get it? Periodically?) So far it’s mostly Woman’s Day, Ladies’ Home Journal, Men’s Health, and several-months-old People in addition to my Time, Domino, and O: The Oprah Magazine.

The cover of this issue told me that I would learn to save $5,000 this year. Alright, tell me more!

— Order water at restaurants instead of soft drinks. Already on top of it, especially since I gave up caffeine.

— Go out for one less meal with your family per week and skip one movie a month, trim back other entertainment like sports events and concerts. I suppose I could eat out once or twice a week instead of twice or thrice, but skipping a movie a month will take me from zero to zero. Seeing “Definitely, Maybe” last week was the first movie since, I dunno, “Transformers” last summer maybe. I am going to the Sharks/Coyotes game this month, however. I’m willing to splurge on two games per year, especially since I didn’t pay for the first one.

— Wait longer to get your hair done, for five weeks instead of four, for example. People get their hair done once a month? Seriously? I’m looking at six months right now and am considering a haircut sometime this month.

— Do your own nails. “If you can’t face that possibility, cut your appointments in half.” I just painted my toenails yesterday after going bare for months. And on my nails I do a clear gloss once in awhile. Although if picking at my cuticles counts as doing my nails, then I am all over this one.

— Adjust your cable package. “You could nuke it altogether and go back to the three major broadcast channels. Just kidding!” I don’t own a television. I get all my desired tv from the internet (“30 Rock” at, for example) and from friends with televisions.

— Lock up your debit cards so you stop paying overdraft fees. The article says that people who pay with their debit card 20 times or more per year average $223 in overdraft charges, compared to $40 for those who don’t. I haven’t ever paid an overdraft charge that I can recall, so I think I’m set on this one.

My overall savings? Not so much. As they suggest, I will look into getting a new cell phone plan that better matches the few minutes I use, however. I need a new cell phone anyway — the charging cord takes a few minutes of wiggling to connect to the phone.

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Fruit tart!

dinner time for dogs fruit tart

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Super happy special fun vacation time is over

I’d be home by now on a regular Friday which means that my vacation time is done and it’s back to a regular weekend.  As can be expected, I didn’t complete a whole lot of extra projects or do anything spectacular. That digital picture project I mentioned last week? Not so much.

I did go to the gym three times, and I sunned myself by the pool twice. I drank wine one night I normally would have refrained. I slept until between noon and one o’clock every day. I reread the Dragonlance Chronicles trilogy yet again.

Tonight I’m going to finish my latest quilt while listening to the Sharks v. Chicago Blackhawks game. San Jose is a better team and hopefully they’ll play like they are and extend their winning streak to eight games.

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“Definitely, Maybe”: Not a good movie

I went on a movie date tonight.  We saw the 10:20 showing of “Definitely, Maybe” and it was a surprisingly bad movie.  It was still an enjoyable experience, however, because we were the only two in the theater and got to talk right through it.

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