Save $5,000 in 2008!

I picked up a copy of Woman’s Day from the magazine pile at work. Months ago I started a magazine exchange system, bringing in magazines I had already read and hoping others would do the same. I added an Ikea magazine holder and a note. A few people have joined me and I periodically bring home issues to read. (Get it? Periodically?) So far it’s mostly Woman’s Day, Ladies’ Home Journal, Men’s Health, and several-months-old People in addition to my Time, Domino, and O: The Oprah Magazine.

The cover of this issue told me that I would learn to save $5,000 this year. Alright, tell me more!

— Order water at restaurants instead of soft drinks. Already on top of it, especially since I gave up caffeine.

— Go out for one less meal with your family per week and skip one movie a month, trim back other entertainment like sports events and concerts. I suppose I could eat out once or twice a week instead of twice or thrice, but skipping a movie a month will take me from zero to zero. Seeing “Definitely, Maybe” last week was the first movie since, I dunno, “Transformers” last summer maybe. I am going to the Sharks/Coyotes game this month, however. I’m willing to splurge on two games per year, especially since I didn’t pay for the first one.

— Wait longer to get your hair done, for five weeks instead of four, for example. People get their hair done once a month? Seriously? I’m looking at six months right now and am considering a haircut sometime this month.

— Do your own nails. “If you can’t face that possibility, cut your appointments in half.” I just painted my toenails yesterday after going bare for months. And on my nails I do a clear gloss once in awhile. Although if picking at my cuticles counts as doing my nails, then I am all over this one.

— Adjust your cable package. “You could nuke it altogether and go back to the three major broadcast channels. Just kidding!” I don’t own a television. I get all my desired tv from the internet (“30 Rock” at, for example) and from friends with televisions.

— Lock up your debit cards so you stop paying overdraft fees. The article says that people who pay with their debit card 20 times or more per year average $223 in overdraft charges, compared to $40 for those who don’t. I haven’t ever paid an overdraft charge that I can recall, so I think I’m set on this one.

My overall savings? Not so much. As they suggest, I will look into getting a new cell phone plan that better matches the few minutes I use, however. I need a new cell phone anyway — the charging cord takes a few minutes of wiggling to connect to the phone.

March 10, 2008. Words.


  1. ZoeJane replied:

    Hmmm… I think I’m with you. Seems like this was written for the more materialistic average person. Maybe I could cut back on the meals out, but that’s about all out of what was listed.

  2. Sandy Craig replied:

    What would you DO with all that money that you saved??? Give it away? Save it for retirement? BUY a new….something…car?, tv?, sofa?, computer? I suspect you’ve inherited your Mother’s frugal ways (except for animals) and could never come close to saving $5K!! Sandy

  3. admin replied:

    Do you mean that I couldn’t save an additional $5k because I already save money on a regular basis, what with being frugal and all? One’s approach to money doesn’t seem like something that’s inherited — learned and chosen, yes, but not inherited.

  4. mom replied:

    So THAT’S where all those $5K have been coming from each year 🙂

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