Wedding dress pattern

I bought four vintage patterns for a total of $3 at a popular thrift store called Amvets in San Diego over the weekend. My favorite doesn’t have a date on it but appears to be from maybe 1983, and the best kind of 1983. The sleeves are poufy and big, the large tiered skirt has two layers that come to a point in the front and back about halfway down, and the length options are mid-calf or ankle. A wide sash is tied in a big bow at the front or the back.

I’ll likely choose the materials to make this dress from the clearance shelves at Joann Fabrics; their brocade, taffeta, satin, and sequined fabric options are usually limited in the clearance section so the resulting gown might be even more, ah, stunning. If I can actually pull this off, not only will I have learned quite a few new sewing techniques but I will be totally set for any ’80s prom parties (or impromptu weddings) I’m part of in the near future.

I have fond memories of going through my mother’s pattern stash when I was a child, sitting on the floor and flipping through the plump envelopes in the small storage boxes.  I wish I had asked for her collection before she gave them all away.

$6 on ebay, 50 cents at a thrift store

March 31, 2008. Words.

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  1. mom replied:

    San Diego???

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