Sharks still alive!

They won their game tonight 2-1, with their first tally another beautiful shorthanded breakaway by Marleau.  One game at a time and the boys in teal can win this thing yet.

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Not looking good for the Sharks

They lost the game today so the series is now 3-0. Once again they were ahead going into the third period (1-0, thanks to a beautiful shorthanded breakaway goal by captain Patrick Marleau), and once again they lost the lead and it went into overtime. The Stars scored 4:39 into OT. The first game ended at 4:37 of OT.

If Dallas wins tomorrow in the second of back-to-back games, the Sharks are done for the season, and their coach Ron Wilson is probably out of his job, maybe the GM too. To keep in the playoffs, San Jose needs to win the next four straight games. Every game is a potential elimination game. Only twice in NHL history has a team come back from a 3-0 deficit to win the series.

If they lose, I’ll probably tear up a little bit when I see how sad the players are. At the end of a playoff series, the players form a line to shake hands with the other team, just like in high school: “Good game, good game, good game,…” It’s touching.

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Poor doggy

This morning the dog’s water bowl was empty and not even damp anymore.  I saw it, swore out loud, filled it, and shamefacedly watched her drink for a minute.

Tonight, she stood in her bare basket, mournfully staring at us.  “I’d like to sleep here,” she said, “but it seems to be lacking in the blanket department.”  It was sad and funny.  I gave her a clean one fresh from the laundry and she immediately started hopping around in it, arranging the folds just so.

I’ll check the water bowl before I go to bed.

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Strawberries on sale

Albertsons has strawberries on sale for $4 for a 4-pound container.  I bought eight pounds.  Some are going to work tomorrow for a random “Let’s celebrate spring!” potluck, which in this region is more like “Let’s celebrate the beginning of the season of death with 150 consecutive days over 100 degrees!”  The rest of the strawberries are going in my belly.

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The Sharks won Game 7 tonight and advance to the second round of the playoffs, eliminating the Calgary Flames.  I was nervous before the game — game 6 was a total blowout ending in a 2-0 shutout against San Jose.  Tonight was great, though; the Sharks dominated play for most of the game.  Final score: 5-3.

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Sebastian’s baby quilt pictures

Here are more pictures of the quilt I made for my cousin’s baby who was born last month.

quilt and dog

back and front embroidery

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Successful Target trip

I went to Target for a successful evening of consumerism.  We bought new high-end air conditioner filters now that we’re using the a/c — it hit 96 degrees today! — and allergies are acting up, too.  I also bought two new tops for work, including a short-sleeve white argyle sweater that says, “I am a librarian.  Ask me about the Dewey Decimal System.  I like to wear argyle.  Now where did I put my pencil?  Ah there it is, behind my ear.”  I’ll probably wear that one tomorrow with a knee-length black skirt and my newer black slingbacks.  I sure do like office attire.

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Ethiopian food for dinner

I went on a dinner date tonight at Cafe Lalibela, an Ethiopian place near the university.  We tried to go on Monday night only to find that they are closed on Mondays.  This should not have come as a surprise to us — it was the fourth time over the years that we unsuccessfully attempted to go on a Monday.

When the check came we both reached for our wallets but he got his card out first.  I graciously let him pay.  I bought all the groceries last week, though, so we’re even.

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