Not looking good for the Sharks

They lost the game today so the series is now 3-0. Once again they were ahead going into the third period (1-0, thanks to a beautiful shorthanded breakaway goal by captain Patrick Marleau), and once again they lost the lead and it went into overtime. The Stars scored 4:39 into OT. The first game ended at 4:37 of OT.

If Dallas wins tomorrow in the second of back-to-back games, the Sharks are done for the season, and their coach Ron Wilson is probably out of his job, maybe the GM too. To keep in the playoffs, San Jose needs to win the next four straight games. Every game is a potential elimination game. Only twice in NHL history has a team come back from a 3-0 deficit to win the series.

If they lose, I’ll probably tear up a little bit when I see how sad the players are. At the end of a playoff series, the players form a line to shake hands with the other team, just like in high school: “Good game, good game, good game,…” It’s touching.

April 29, 2008. Words.


  1. Sandy replied:

    I find it quite amazing that someone in the middle of Arizona would have any interest at all in hockey!!! You should probably move to Canada where YOU could play it and root for a local NHL team. Go Redwings!!

  2. admin replied:

    The middle of Arizona has its own hockey team, in fact. The Phoenix Coyotes are a young, big, fast team that was dismissed at the beginning of this year as a development team, one that would be good in a few years when their very promising rookies and other young players had a few years’ experience. Then they surprised a lot of people by having a chance at making the playoffs. Their coach? Wayne Gretzky. Perhaps you’ve heard of him…?

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