Tacky prom pictures

So here’s a link to see some pictures from Tacky Prom.  Only one camera’s have been shared so far; I’ll add more when I get them.

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When I’m feeling good I keep thinking of my new favorite things all the time, and when I’m not I think about all the things I can’t stand.  Today’s new favorite thing?  There are two of them, actually.  First: granola bars, the chewy kind.  I’ve bought a few boxes on sale lately and they are so good.  I like the texture, and the crunchy sound of eating them, and the way they hold together and can also be pulled apart, and the way I reach into the variety box without looking and act pleasantly surprised with each flavor.  (Cottage cheese, you say?  That’s so last week.  I’ve moved on, I suggest you do the same.)

My other new favorite thing is the package system at the apartment mailboxes.   There are maybe 8 large boxes that I never paid much attention to because they didn’t have apartment numbers.  Now, when I have a USPS package that fits into one of the larger boxes, I find a key in my own mailbox that opens a big box and there’s a package in there for me!  Previously, all packages were left with the office people and it was rather difficult to redeem the slip because their office hours coincide with my office hours.

Today I got my first package key and retrieved a medium-size box.  I looked at the return address for Erie, PA and wondered, “Who lives in Pennsylvania with my last name…?  Oh, my cousins!”  I gave them the baby quilt in March.  My first thought, sad and irrational, was that they didn’t want the quilt and sent it back to me.  I went so far as to think, “I know it wasn’t the best quilt and it’s ok if they don’t like the design because I myself couldn’t decide how much I liked it, but couldn’t they give it away instead of mailing it back to me? ?” and that’s when I realized what I was thinking and how absurd it was.  I’m pretty sure my uncle and aunt raised him well enough to not do such a thing, and it was probably some kind of gift for me.

And it was!  They sent a very nice thank-you card and homemade cookies.   Where they found time and energy to make cookies, package them well enough to be shipped cross-country intact, and head to the post office all while working and being new parents to a newborn, I don’t know.  It was very thoughtful of them.

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I just signed up for a one month free trial of Netflix and I think it might just be the most fun thing that has ever existed in the history of humanity.  Right now I have 14 DVDs in my queue: “Freaks and Geeks”, “The Wire” season 4, some fitness videos, and “Dawson’s Creek”.  Over a year ago I had a dream, and I am making that dream become reality:  I will watch “Dawson’s Creek” — the entire series.  First I’m going to finish the one season of “Freaks and Geeks” though, so I put Dawson et. al. starting at #7 in the queue.  My first three DVDs will be shipped tomorrow!  If I needed a reason to spend more time on the couch then I believe I have found it.

I’m also about to sign myself up for Accounting Principles at a community college.  I did last year, too, and they canceled it a few days before the start so now I’m doing it again, and hopefully it will stick this time.  It’s on Monday and Wednesday nights, 7:10-9:50, which leaves Tuesday free for $1 Scoop day at Baskin Robbins and I do so enjoy my lemon sorbet in a sugar cone.  I plan to get the lemon sorbet, which has a sherbety texture to it, every time until the day that they don’t have it in stock.  On that day, I will get another type of sherbet, perhaps rainbow.

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No Prom pictures

I have some pictures from Tacky Prom but I can’t figure out how to post them.  That is, I assume I have it figured out correctly and then WordPress wants me to log in again, even though I’m already logged in, and then it shows Error 404, whatever that is.   I don’t know if it’s a WordPress problem, something my computer, or my connection, or user error.  Whatever the issue, the result is no photos at this time.

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Perfect time to organize

I started sorting the huge stack of mail at 11:15 tonight, looking for his paystubs to add to the house file of paperwork he needs tomorrow. After going through all the mail I continued on the organization path, pulling magazines from various nooks around the house to put in a pile to take to the break room at work. I ended up with 15. Then I filed away all the odds and ends on the coffee table, creating a new bag labeled “Floral” to store the leftover supplies from Tacky Prom corsages.  (I’m basically working my way through Joann’s: quilting, sewing, cake decorating, floral, next is crocheting or scrapbooking…)  After 45 minutes of various tidying, filing, and organization, I’m about to tackle the large pile of laundry that has been on the floor for only a day. Perhaps midnight is not the best time, but I’m on a roll. I’ll feel more settled and neat and ready to relax into bed.

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Maybe a house

Plans are breezing about to possibly move into a house within roughly six weeks, and a four-bedroom house at that.  It also has a pool, a small dog door (not for unsupervised use because it leads to the pool and I’m doubtful the old lady can swim), an attached garage, a window seat (a childhood dream!), and no washer/dryer or refrigerator.  That means we’d have all-new, pretty, energy-efficient major appliances we chose ourselves, and pay a few thousand dollars for the privilege.  Other negatives: no windows in the dining room and the kitchen window looks into the sun room and not to the outside world, the master bathroom has a shower stall instead of a tub, and the closets are fairly small.

And the time frame puts it in the middle of 110 degree heat, not a good time for moving.  In fact, I recall telling friends who moved in August last year, “You guys are idiots.  It’s too hot to move.  Wait another month at least.”  If it actually happens, I plan to do the lifting and carrying after dark, when it cool off to the 80s, if we’re lucky.

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Cottage cheese dinner

I finished off a tub of cottage cheese with fresh strawberries, then opened a bag of salt & vinegar potato chips.  Normally I’m not a big fan of chips and yet these sounded so good and I ate a few handfuls.  On my way home from some errands I stopped at the store to buy more cottage cheese and I ate another bowl with strawberries.  I’ll probably have it again for breakfast tomorrow.

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Tacky prom!

I will be attending a Tacky Prom this coming Saturday, complete with dinner at a pseudo-fancy restaurant and slightly awkward slow-dancing to Boys II Men and Journey.  I’ll be making corsages and boutonnieres for the attendees, matching them to their dates, of course.  I bought floral wire and tape at Michaels tonight and small bouquet of miniature roses to test out my techniques.  Making an attractive clump of flowers is the easy part — I’m still working on attaching them to the wrist in a sturdy and appealing manner.  Hopefully some of the women will want a pinned corsage rather than a wristlet.

I’ll be wearing one of my mom’s old formal dresses from circa 1961.  It’s not tacky in and of itself, but it’s pretty wrinkly from being folded up in a cardboard box for years, plus it’s somewhat unflattering in an authentic vintage kind of way.  It’s really fun to be able to wear into something she used to wear a long time ago.  (Yes, it’s “a long time ago”, especially in terms of fashion.)  I feel ike when Kate Hudson wore one of Goldie Hawn’s gowns to a premiere decades later.  I discovered that there are a couple other dresses in that box labeled ‘Costumes’ that I could actually wear in a non-costume sense.  One black one is especially pretty, and especially painful as I squeeze myself into the bodice and get stabbed by pointy bits of boning.  I’m going to look into how much it would cost for a professional to install a new lining.

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Not the NHL

I went to a rec league hockey game tonight to show my support, reading my book when #46 wasn’t on the ice (ok, and even sometimes when he was). I went to quite a few games last summer and fall, and they seemed somehow faster back then. I realized tonight that I’ve watched plenty of NHL games this season and it’s hard to go back to regular person fun-time hockey. These dudes are so uncoordinated, slow, fumbling with the puck and once in awhile actually completing a pass or swiping at a puck that meanders toward the net. It struck me how astounding NHL goalies are in their ability to stop the puck. Tonight?  All around, not so impressive.

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Bills, bills, bills

I paid a few bills online (insurance, vehicle registration, credit card) and did some online shopping as well. All told, I’m approximately 900 dollars less wealthy, and I won’t have to think about insurance for another six months or registration until next year. Good old money, providing me with goods and services.

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