Tacky prom!

I will be attending a Tacky Prom this coming Saturday, complete with dinner at a pseudo-fancy restaurant and slightly awkward slow-dancing to Boys II Men and Journey.  I’ll be making corsages and boutonnieres for the attendees, matching them to their dates, of course.  I bought floral wire and tape at Michaels tonight and small bouquet of miniature roses to test out my techniques.  Making an attractive clump of flowers is the easy part — I’m still working on attaching them to the wrist in a sturdy and appealing manner.  Hopefully some of the women will want a pinned corsage rather than a wristlet.

I’ll be wearing one of my mom’s old formal dresses from circa 1961.  It’s not tacky in and of itself, but it’s pretty wrinkly from being folded up in a cardboard box for years, plus it’s somewhat unflattering in an authentic vintage kind of way.  It’s really fun to be able to wear into something she used to wear a long time ago.  (Yes, it’s “a long time ago”, especially in terms of fashion.)  I feel ike when Kate Hudson wore one of Goldie Hawn’s gowns to a premiere decades later.  I discovered that there are a couple other dresses in that box labeled ‘Costumes’ that I could actually wear in a non-costume sense.  One black one is especially pretty, and especially painful as I squeeze myself into the bodice and get stabbed by pointy bits of boning.  I’m going to look into how much it would cost for a professional to install a new lining.

May 14, 2008. Words.

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  1. ZoeJane replied:

    Tacky prom sounds good – Have fun! the Lotr and I aren’t going to make it. I have a stupendous amount of homework to do.

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