Maybe a house

Plans are breezing about to possibly move into a house within roughly six weeks, and a four-bedroom house at that.  It also has a pool, a small dog door (not for unsupervised use because it leads to the pool and I’m doubtful the old lady can swim), an attached garage, a window seat (a childhood dream!), and no washer/dryer or refrigerator.  That means we’d have all-new, pretty, energy-efficient major appliances we chose ourselves, and pay a few thousand dollars for the privilege.  Other negatives: no windows in the dining room and the kitchen window looks into the sun room and not to the outside world, the master bathroom has a shower stall instead of a tub, and the closets are fairly small.

And the time frame puts it in the middle of 110 degree heat, not a good time for moving.  In fact, I recall telling friends who moved in August last year, “You guys are idiots.  It’s too hot to move.  Wait another month at least.”  If it actually happens, I plan to do the lifting and carrying after dark, when it cool off to the 80s, if we’re lucky.

May 17, 2008. Words.


  1. Sandy replied:

    Well! So you and the – butler, significant other, etc. – are thinking of Renting a house. Sounds like you;re thinking long-term (or maybe HE is). Apparently, your (plural) space has become filled up with the stuff we all collect. With a bigger space there is the chance to leave your quilt-making stuff out (or better yet, more room for STUFF). Obviously, you’re NOT a chip off the old block!!! Anyway(s), there might be a couple of days under 100 in the next few weeks and that would help (a little). Too bad you avoid mentioning HIS name in any of your blogs. Interesting!

  2. ZoeJane replied:

    ;fun times! keep us updated 🙂

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