Perfect time to organize

I started sorting the huge stack of mail at 11:15 tonight, looking for his paystubs to add to the house file of paperwork he needs tomorrow. After going through all the mail I continued on the organization path, pulling magazines from various nooks around the house to put in a pile to take to the break room at work. I ended up with 15. Then I filed away all the odds and ends on the coffee table, creating a new bag labeled “Floral” to store the leftover supplies from Tacky Prom corsages.  (I’m basically working my way through Joann’s: quilting, sewing, cake decorating, floral, next is crocheting or scrapbooking…)  After 45 minutes of various tidying, filing, and organization, I’m about to tackle the large pile of laundry that has been on the floor for only a day. Perhaps midnight is not the best time, but I’m on a roll. I’ll feel more settled and neat and ready to relax into bed.

May 19, 2008. Words.

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