When I’m feeling good I keep thinking of my new favorite things all the time, and when I’m not I think about all the things I can’t stand.  Today’s new favorite thing?  There are two of them, actually.  First: granola bars, the chewy kind.  I’ve bought a few boxes on sale lately and they are so good.  I like the texture, and the crunchy sound of eating them, and the way they hold together and can also be pulled apart, and the way I reach into the variety box without looking and act pleasantly surprised with each flavor.  (Cottage cheese, you say?  That’s so last week.  I’ve moved on, I suggest you do the same.)

My other new favorite thing is the package system at the apartment mailboxes.   There are maybe 8 large boxes that I never paid much attention to because they didn’t have apartment numbers.  Now, when I have a USPS package that fits into one of the larger boxes, I find a key in my own mailbox that opens a big box and there’s a package in there for me!  Previously, all packages were left with the office people and it was rather difficult to redeem the slip because their office hours coincide with my office hours.

Today I got my first package key and retrieved a medium-size box.  I looked at the return address for Erie, PA and wondered, “Who lives in Pennsylvania with my last name…?  Oh, my cousins!”  I gave them the baby quilt in March.  My first thought, sad and irrational, was that they didn’t want the quilt and sent it back to me.  I went so far as to think, “I know it wasn’t the best quilt and it’s ok if they don’t like the design because I myself couldn’t decide how much I liked it, but couldn’t they give it away instead of mailing it back to me? ?” and that’s when I realized what I was thinking and how absurd it was.  I’m pretty sure my uncle and aunt raised him well enough to not do such a thing, and it was probably some kind of gift for me.

And it was!  They sent a very nice thank-you card and homemade cookies.   Where they found time and energy to make cookies, package them well enough to be shipped cross-country intact, and head to the post office all while working and being new parents to a newborn, I don’t know.  It was very thoughtful of them.

May 24, 2008. Words.


  1. mom replied:

    yummy yummy yummy
    cookies in the tummy

    love, mom

  2. Sandy replied:

    You underestimate your quiltmaking talents! And… I do so enjoy your writing style; it shows me that you ought to consider writing as a career, or at least a serious hobby. As for the coolies, bon appetite.

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