Not enough to do

I have identified an issue that might be preventing me from experiencing true satisfaction with life: I have too much time on my hands.  I need more activities, interests, and commitments to provide structure to my everyday comings and goings.  The past couple weeks I’ve been going directly to class after work on Monday and Wednesday, and then Tuesday is ladies’ night for dinner and $1 scoop ice cream at Baskin Robbins.  I still have plenty of time spent sitting on the couch at the computer: reading articles, looking at celebrity gossip websites, talking online, watching videos…  I’m halfheartedly looking for a regular volunteer opportunity.

The two major hospitals near me request commitments of at least 4 hours per week and I had been thinking that I’d like to do closer to 4 hours per month, not week.  I might still look into it, especially because one of them says “2-4 hours/week” in one of their FAQ sections and I could do 2.  Both allow potential volunteers to specify whether or not they prefer to work with patients (no) and if they’d be ok working in an office environment (yes).  I also did a quick, unproductive search for local nursing homes that need volunteers to provide company for residents.  During a summer in college I assisted with bingo hour on Wednesdays at a nursing home and I’d be interested in doing something similar again, especially since my grandparents are all dead.  Perhaps I would be paired with a few residents who could use a regular visitor.  Then again, I vaguely remember that my experiences that summer were depressing more than anything, leaving me horrified by what happens in old age.  I vowed to be 19 forever.  While I didn’t manage to hold onto 19, at least I’m still young.  I hear 26 is the new 19.

June 11, 2008. Words.


  1. sarah replied:

    perhaps you should have a child. that pretty well sucks all the free time out of your life.

  2. admin replied:

    Heaven forfend!

  3. mom replied:

    well, I’d go for one where you can read to people in the lounge, like you said, maybe 2 of them primarily, then from there you could branch out to having Kalayna with you or “Hey, anyone for bingo? Dime prizes (Grandma proudly handed over her dimes to me and pointed out that : “It doesn’t take any brains to win, the other old people just aren’t paying attention”, as she was most often the winner, which was then posted on the white board in the lounge).
    You will have a couple months where your baby will be schlupping your time, like Sarah says,………, I mean the house.
    Altho, I got some pre-crawling baby toys and little rocky chair thingee free on yesterday, to stock pile such things here. For those not in the “heaven forfend [is that a word?] mode.
    My new babies are two incoming one and 5 yr old fairly small goat does (smaller than any we had when you were growing up) today. One the lady started milking for me today. As I recall, that is with luck a three finger only milking technique.
    Hey Sarah, have new photos somewhere on line? Send to Amy to forward to me of little O
    Love, Mom

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